What’s Your Preference? Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365?

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GvM Have you compared the advantages of MS Office 365 vs. Google Apps?   If choosing Cloud productivity tools has been on your agenda for a while, you’re not alone. It’s often a toss up between pros and cons. Google and Microsoft online productivity experiences vary by user, device and situation.  Reviewers all over the world have compared Google Apps for Business to Microsoft Office 365 trying to find the winner.  Here’s my quick summary as an onlooker:

If your business thrives and collaborates online, has little need for advanced Excel and Word capabilities and integrations, and it leans heavily on the latest tablets and smartphones, Google Apps has an edge and a cost advantage.

If hybrid deployment scenarios, unified IT management, offline operation, integration with Word and Excel documents, and user familiarity with interfaces and workflows are important, Office 365 has an attractive combination of capabilities that will keep most existing customers in…

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A Useful Guide to Google Drive

Burlington High School Help Desk

To further support Burlington’s use of Google Apps for Education, and specifically Google Drive, Help Desk has compiled a list of links that will take you straight to the source to learn about everything and anything related to Google Drive; Google’s Help Center. Below you will find direct access to how to’s for Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms and how to use Drive offline. To further support you in becoming a “Google Drive Ninja,” we will provide quick and easy to follow video tutorials. These tutorials will show the step by step process in using various functions in Drive. This post, along with the BPS Edtech open support “How Do I Do That Sessions,” is an excellent resource for all Burlington Public School teachers, staff, and students. If you need further assistance with Google Drive, please visit the Help Desk Monday, through Friday, periods 1, 4, 6 or 7.

Google Docs

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5 Ways Google Apps Can Benefit Your Company


by Rebecca Thompson, CLR Virtual Connection

Google Apps are a full suite of applications that reduce IT costs for businesses and nonprofits. Hardware and software costs are expensive, especially when you’re first starting out. IT costs can drain a business’ start-up revenue or a nonprofit’s slim reserve, so here are five ways Google Apps can benefit you.

One Free Email Alias 

Just started a website and don’t have an email server? If you have a virtual private server (VPS)–meaning that someone else is hosting your website on their own server in a space dedicated just to you–but you don’t have email service for the website, Google Apps provide an answer. 

You can use Gmail as an email alias for your domain, having email forwarded from your domain (www.yourcompany.com) to a Gmail address. Users see your domain as the sender and receiver, but the email is actually managed by Gmail…

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Fundraising in a Nutshell

Culture & Change in College Athletics

Fundraising in a Nutshell


by Jarrett Fleming

Fundraising in a nutshell

Fundraising generates revenue; it is a science and an art. Fundraising is friend raising, people give money because they have a personal interest in a cause. Moreover, fundraising involves a person who cultivates and develops relationships with that person or group. A donation is someone contributing a gift, grant, or money to a fund or cause and he or she is not asking for anything in return. Donators have a true infinity for something. The fundraising industry involves asking individuals for donations and using a variety of communication methods (Strand, 2007). For example, the raising of assets would involve asking people to purchase a product or attend an event that benefits your programs.

Author Strawheceker (2007) states fundraising is project-focused, project-focused fundraising eventually results in a strategy rather than an integrated plan to address long-term goals and raise substantial…

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3 Reasons Not to Use Facebook for Business…


Facebook and Business have had a tricky relationship since the Facebooks launch on 4th February 2004. People as a whole, have always seen Facebook as a more personal platform, rather than one to market businesses.

Below are the three main reasons why Facebook isn’t suited to business, if you feel I’ve missed anything (or if I’m totally wrong!) Please let me know in the comments below.

1) STUDIES – Recent studies have actually proven that businesses who have a Facebook page/account put people off, as people prefer to find their product/service themselves, rather than having it thrown at them.

2)  IMAGE – It can be argued, that having a Facebook account could affect your businesses image. What if your customers are unsatisfied with your service/product? Where are they going to moan about it? Of course, Facebook. Steering clear of Facebook can actually save you losing the customers you have…

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Some secrets to become an Entrepreneur

Some very good “secrets”!

Dani Roque Quibus

Nowadays, through this worldwide crisis era that we are suffering and where big companies are reducing their labor costs at maximum level, specially in manufacturing plants where employees been on charge of manufacturing chains for years are being replaced by mechanical systems as intelligent robotic systems, either if they are short term or long term employees. Anyway, one option needs to have a feed back from the other.

What am I trying to say?  There I go, I want to show that everything is constantly changing, rather than big companies or local ones; every day is a new bright day with lots of new ways to feel, ways to need, and specially ways to understand the life, so everyday entrepreneurs have opportunities to cover a need within people.

Is not easy to create an start up company, but neither impossible. The ‘future employer’ have to get so much information from…

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Planning Your Auction in Advance

Why do later what you could now?

When it comes to planning an auction, you can never start too early! There are many factors to consider when coordinating an event to make you money or earn funds for your organization. It is better to have the time and be sure all bases have been covered and every detail has been accounted for, than have to be nervous up until the eleventh hour, second guessing yourself.

Many auctions start preparations six to twelve months in advance. Especially when organizing a benefit event, the further ahead you can start planning, the better. If your benefit auction is to be an annual event, the proceeding years will be less stressful and more successful if planned well in advance the first year.

Maybe the most time consuming process of the auction process is item procurement. Collecting donations from your community members and area businesses may seem like a daunting task, but can be easy if you request items well ahead of time. Big ticket items are appropriate to request early to make sure they are available by the time your auction comes around. Businesses are grateful for the advanced notice as well as private donors.

Finding a venue and obtaining the necessary licenses for the event are best done as soon as you can. If you have a home, business, or building at your disposal for free, consider how many guests to expect to invite and attend. Acoustics are important to remember when having a live auction also. Everyone should be able to clearly hear and understand the auctioneer and speakers throughout the entire room at all times. If you would like to cater and or serve alcohol, be sure that the building will allow it.

Establishing a guest list and how many people you want at your auction. After sending invitations, be sure to send a “save the date” and or RSVPs several months before the big day. This should give you an idea of how much to cater, how many seats, an appropriate amount of materials you’ll need, and how many workers or volunteers to help make sure everything goes smoothly. A good rule of thumb for benefit auctions is to have one volunteer for every ten to twelve guests.

Marketing your auction is critical to ensure a good turn out. Many professional auctioneers will provide a marketing package included in their commission or for a flat rate. If you hire the auctioneer to provide the marketing, it will ultimately benefit you, even if you have to pay them a percentage. Many auction firms have a marketing team that designs custom advertising and marketing program, using a wide range of advertising media to market, including newspaper and magazine print, internet, brochures, signs, radio, and much more. This attracts the people most interested in your property, which stimulates competition, thus securing the best possible results for you, the seller. These will be published months and weeks ahead of time.

Auction set-up, decorating, and final lot inventory can be done in the final weeks or days before the selling day. Final touches, last minute minor changes, seating, and staging are recommended to be decided or ready the week of if possible. You would hate to do a final walk-through the day before and realize you don’t have enough of something or room for something. For security, placing sale items on display should be done last; the day of maybe.

If you allow yourself the time, help, and organized planning, you are sure to have a successful auction and the event of the year!

Setting An Auction Date OR How Do 9 Adults Find Free Time?

Roto Love


We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.
George Bernard Shaw

When the LGRL began in 2001, the majority of the owners were pretty ‘free and loose’ in life and able to meet whenever the time felt right.

In our 14th season now, we’re older, grayer, thicker and as much as we try to emulate Peter Pan, more responsible. Married, important jobs, kids, yard work, vacations, business trips, and the list goes on and on.

So, how do we find a date in the Spring that A. we are all free for and B. doesn’t put us too far ahead or behind the official MLB Opening Day?

It may sound trivial, but having the auction, live and in person, is not only a much easier way to handle the logistics, but it’s the highlight of our season. For one…

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